Sanikab Locker System

No matter it is a working area or sports space, Sanikab Locker System could provide you excellent depositing performances with its self-damp proof, crushproof, compact durable and more than 300 abundant types of color assembled. Custom - made Service will bring you holistic personal depositing solution.

Sanikab Compact Bench

Sanikab 40 Compact Bench is constructed by 12mm thick, double side finished color HPL laminate on a stainless steel framework or powder coated steel frame. The board materials of the Sanikab Bench with rich colors are water and humidity resistant, impact resistant, and durable.

Optional Accessories

Designs of locker hardware are elegant, durable and easy to assemble. All parts are inspected strictly under the quality control standard in order to ensure the integral structure is sturdy and durable.
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